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Non-GMO Meats

We specialize in raising woodlot, pastured, and grassfed meats. Our non-ruminants are supplemented with non-GMO feed custom mixed on our farm. Click on the following links to learn more about our meats and breeds and visit our online store to see products currently available.

Woodlot-Pastured Pork
Pastured Poultry and Eggs
Grassfed Lamb
Grassfed Beef

Produce and Preserves

Our large garden and orchard are a main source of sustenance for our growing family. Great care is taken to grow our produce naturally and without the use of chemicals as we nourish our family.  When our fruits and vegetables are bountiful, we are happy to make them available as preserves or fresh produce. Visit our online store to see what is fresh!

Farmcrafted Soap

Our Crooked Gap Farmcrafted Soap is unique in that we strive to use as many ingredients as possible produced on our farm, gathered from local sources, or commonly found on a farm. Our farmcrafted soap is free of harsh additives so that it gentle on the most sensitive skin. Each bar is carefully made in small batches on our farm and from the farm. Click here for more information about our soap and visit our online store to see varieties currently available.

Baked Goods

We love to bake with what we produce on the farm, and we have come up with some amazing recipes! Our online store and deliveries will often have rotating options of baked good available, made fresh for your enjoyment!


Show your support for our farm and locally grown foods by wearing one of our Crooked Gap Farm t-shirts. We have a variety of styles and sizes that can be found on our online store.