Pastured Poultry

Broiler Chickens

Website BroilersOur slow growing meat birds are unique compared to the conventional Cornish Cross meat birds. As they feast on the forages of our pastures and on the insects they scratch up and chase after, they develop wonderful muscle tone and delicious, healthy meat. Their pastured diet is supplemented with a custom feed mix so that they receive no antibiotics or hormones from their first days until the time they are processed. They are processed at a state inspected locker and packaged as whole or cut up birds.


“Run of the Farm” Eggs

Website layerWe feel that there is no comparison to our “Run of the Farm” eggs. Our laying hens continually have access to the wonders of the pasture, as well as the rest of the farm! As our poultry roam the pastures behind the cattle, they do an excellent job of controlling parasites, cleaning the paddocks, and leaving us a colorful array of fresh farm eggs packed with Omega-3s, vitamins, and beta carotene. In addition to enjoying the feast they find out on the pasture,our chickens are also fed a custom ration of feed free of antibiotics, hormones, and animal by products.


WEbsite EggsIf you are interested in purchasing our pastured poultry or pastured eggs, head over to our Ways to Purchase page for more details.