Non-GMO Grassfed Beef

We currently sell individual cuts of our grass fed Dexter Beef.  We also occasionally have breeding stock available. Please look at our Ways to Purchase page for information on ordering Dexter beef.

Website Cow HerdOur Dexter cattle are a heritage breed that are quite efficient in producing great tasting, healthy meat on a diet consisting purely of forages, just as cattle were created to do! Spring through fall our Dexters are moved to new paddocks of pasture with our managed intensive rotational grazing system. This system provides fresh forages, helps to spread nutrients across our farm, and naturally breaks the parasite life cycle. During the winter, they are fed hay and continue to reside outside with access to shelter. We do not feed our cattle any grains, use chemical wormers, and they are not given or fed any antibiotics or hormones.

Website BullThe Dexter breed originated on small family farms during the 1800’s.  It is a smaller breed which produces a proportionate sized cut of meat. This breed not only produces award winning beef, but they also are used as draft animals and family milk cows, making them a tri-purpose breed. You can read more, here, about this heritage breed on the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy website.