Crooked Gap Farmcrafted Soap

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sopFragrance-Free Soap
“A soap so wonderful, it doesn’t need to be scented!”

Our Crooked Gap Farmcrafted Soap is unique in that we strive to use as many ingredients as possible produced on our farm, gathered from local sources, or commonly found on a farm. Our farmcrafted soap is free of harsh additives so that it gentle on the most sensitive skin. Each bar is carefully made in small batches on our farm and from the farm. We are confident that you will find our farmcrafted soap to be like none other!

shipping = $3/1 bar       $4.00/2 bars      $6.25/ 3-12 bars

Bars are 4-5 ounces depending on the continued drying after curing. The drier the bar, the longer it lasts!

Soap can be purchased during our Des Moines or Pella Meat CSA deliveries. To see our current selection, visit our online store.

Care for your Soap
Our bars of soap have been cured for at least 1 month, often more, to reach a dryness that will allow them to be extremely long lasting. By letting your soap dry between uses or storing it on a drainable rack, you will ensure that your bar of soap lasts its fullest potential.

Soap Varieties
You can click on any photo and browse through the gallery to see soap descriptions and ingredient lists. Ingredient descriptions can be found here to help you choose a soap that is just right for you.

(Please note, due to the natural ingredients and omission of preservatives  in our soap, slight fading may occur over time.)

Bricks of Soaps  ::  $60 for 15 bars + 1 soap on a rope
($3.75 / soap)

SoapSoaps can be ordered by the brick, pending ingredient availability.  You will receive 15 unlabeled, cut bars from your brick.  Your order will be ready approximately 6 weeks after your payment or down-payment is received, allowing time to create your bars and cure them them fully.

What Others Say About Our Soap
“I have eczema on my hands and while I’ve only used natural soaps for years even those can be detrimental to my skin at times.  Your soap is the only kind I’ve found that I have no issues with, at all!  I love it.!”

“You just can’t find a soap that leaves you feeling “CLEAN” these days. Hubby and I love it. Just sent a message to buy some more.”

“I absolutely love the poppy seed soap that I bought from you guys! Its fantastic for post garden and shop hand washing!”

“On the way home from your event, my hubby held my hand and told me, “Wow, your hands are soft!” I was thrilled to hear that so of course, I need to get some of your soap ;D”

“I’ve been using the espresso soap from the summer and love how it doesn’t dry my skin!  Amazing!”