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pigOnce you have enjoyed our heritage breed pork, you will have a hard time going back to anything else! Our pigs spend year round outside enjoying all that our 40 acre farm has to offer. We strive to have our hogs in our pasture edged woods as much of the year as possible. Here they can forage on the plentiful, tender new shoots, nuts from the trees, and treats they root up. They can also relax in the shade of the woods, bask in the sun in the pasture, or cool off in the pools they form in the ravines.During the months when water tanks freeze, they reside in an open air hoop near our homestead. Here they have room to run, deep bedding to lay in or root up, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine to continue enjoying. With the treats and plentiful forages that they find in the woodlot and pasture, and with their non-GMO custom rations that contain no antibiotics, hormones, or animal byproducts, they grow into healthy, happy, and tasty pigs!

2016 Cost of Whole or Half Hog
The price we charge for the animal is $2.75/lb hanging weight for a whole hog and $3.00/lb hanging weight for a half hog. Processing fees start around 65¢/lb hanging weight, depending on the types of cuts selected and the locker chosen. The average hanging weight for our hogs is around 180. (Hanging weight is figured after the initial butchering process.)

Meat Received
The amount of meat you will receive will depend on the weight of the individual hog and the types of cuts you choose, but you can expect to receive up to 90-95% of the hanging weight if you take advantage of the whole hog. The following is an example of the meat received from one whole hog order. Don’t let this example limit you though. With our additional cut choices, the combinations are endless! 

Breakfast Sausage  5.44 lbs                Loin Roasts  7.36 lbs                          Soup Bones  9.64 lbs
Italian Sausage  5.44 lbs                     Tenderloins  8.34 lbs                          Lard  18.71 lbs
Ground Pork  6.36 lbs                         Iowa Chops  8.68 lbs                          Leaf Lard  2.13 lbs
Shoulder Roasts  15.30 lbs                 Butterfly Chops  6.34 lbs                   Fresh Jowl  4.23 lbs
Cottage Bacon  10.94 lbs                    Ribs  7.60 lbs                                        Heart  .55 lbs
Ham Steaks  15.70 lbs                         Bacon  11.54 lbs                                   Liver  2.46 lbs
Sandwich Ham  10.70 lbs                   Cured Ham Hocks  8.86 lbs

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