Individual Meat Cuts and Products Available

Visit our blog, Crooked Gap Farm – The Recipe Box, for photos and recipes for our products. To review ingredient lists or see locker information, click here.

The following cuts are available through our deliveries and on farm sales. Our inventory is continually changing as we sell and bring back meat from the locker. We will do our best to keep inventory up to date.  Please feel free to contact us on availability if it looks like we have been busier with the livestock than with the computer.
Last updated: 12-1-16

Heritage Breed Woodlot Pork

We have just brought back another whole hog (11-28), but have not had time to inventory it.  Feel free to make requests or just see what shows up at the pop-up market!

Pastured Poultry

~ Chicken ~
Broilers- $4.50 /lb
Stew Birds- $2.50 /lb

Heritage Breed Grassfed Beef

~ Ground ~
Arm Roast – $6.50 /lb

Farmcrafted Jam

~ $6.00 / half pint ~
made from our CGF chemical-free fruit

Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Farmcrafted Soap

~ $5.00 / 4 oz bar ~
Exfoliating Poppy Seed
Farmer’s Wife Basic
Mocha Java
Scrubs a Latte
Oatmeal Scrub
Hannah’s Caledulas
California Poppy
Oriental Poppy
Painted Desert

~ $25.00 : 6 bar mix and match ~ (Cash and carry only)
(To see photos and descriptions of bars or read more about our Crooked Gap – Farmcrafted Soap, click here.)


~ Shirts ~
(To see photos of our shirts, click here.)
– “Where a Pig is a Pig” – $15.00  (sizes L, M, XL)
“Pioneer Farming” – $15.00  (sizes S, L, M, XL)

Preorders can be placed by e-mailing