Individual Meat Cuts and CGF Products

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Our products are made available through our deliveries and on farm sales. As seasons and inventory continually change, so does the availability of our products. Please visit our online store to see upcoming delivery dates and products currently available. Questions about purchasing can be sent to:

CGF Proteins

CGF Pork woodlot/pasture raised and non-GMO fed
CGF Beef grass-fed and non-GMO fed
CGF Lamb grass-fed and non-GMO fed
CGF Poultry pastured and non-GMO fed
CGF Rabbit pastured
CGF Eggs pastured and non-GMO fed

CGF Farmcrafted Soap

~ $5.00 / 4 oz bar ~
~ $25.00 : 6 bar mix and match ~
(Cash and carry only)
(To see photos and descriptions of bars or read more about our Crooked Gap – Farmcrafted Soap, click here.)

CGF Fruit Jam made from our CGF chemical-free fruit

~ $6.00 / half pint ~
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam
Red Strazberry Jam
Red Raspberry Jam
Cherry Jam
Rhubarb-Orange Zest Jam

CGF Produce grown in our CGF chemical-free garden and orchard

Asparagus- $6.00 / lb
Red Rhubarb- $4.00 / lb
Strawberries- $8.00 / qt


~ Shirts ~
(To see photos of our shirts, click here.)
– “Where a Pig is a Pig” – $15.00
“Pioneer Farming” – $15.00